Ignite 2017 Updates Webinar

I recently joined Jeremy Thake of Hyperfish and my colleague David Bowman to host a webinar focussed mainly on some our favourite announcements that came out of Ignite 2017. I have a list of my recommended viewing from the conference at the end of this post.

The webinar was to have primarily a non-technical audience so it doesn’t get deep into many particularly technical topics but it does give a good overview of some of more important announcements of Ignite 2017, in my humble opinion.

Ignite 2017 banner image

You can view the webinar here: Harness the power of Office 365

I discuss

  • Required information fields
  • Files that need attention view
  • Bulk update of file metadata
  • Metadata prompt on file upload
  • Filter panel updates
  • Improving support for large lists and libraries
  • Column formatters
  • Hub sites
  • New Yammer web part
  • Custom modern themes
  • Site designs
  • Multi-geo
  • Groupify – create Office 365 groups from existing team sites
  • Group naming policies and management
  • Microsoft Teams Admin Centre
  • Microsoft Teams data storage and information protection

Ignite 2017: Recommend viewing:

Hope this helps you get up to date in record time!