TFS work items that have ever been changed by me

TFS Query : Bugs ever changed by me

I debated as to whether to share this tip or not for the sole reason that I’m embarrassed. I just did something that I don’t believe I haven’t done years ago. TFS supports a “Was Ever” operator for work item queries. Using this you can very easily create a query to display all work items which you have ever interacted with. I find this very useful. See the screen shot for how I use it in the simplest case.

TFS work items that have ever been changed by me
TFS work items that have ever been changed by me

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6 thoughts on “TFS Query : Bugs ever changed by me”

  1. I’m thinking this doesn’t work completely as I would have hoped… If a value was never primed, meaning the column exists but was never initially populated, it doesn’t treat that value as null. It only treats it as a null once the value is saved with something and then changed back to nothing… So when I’m trying to search for when ownership team was ever null (to find how many tickets were not directly assigned to a team) the result is much less than it should be. Only the tickets that went to a team and then again had ownership team removed are being treated as null. frustrating 🙁

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